The Revival of New 2024 Dodge Dakota Excites Everyone

The pandemic might bring negative things, but there are some positives to celebrate. If you have been waiting for 2024 Dodge Dakota updates, you will be happy to know that the new Dodge Dakota RAM will be revived, delivering midsize (pickup) trucks into production. Before the pandemic, people had lost interest in midsize trucks, especially heavy-duty pickups, SUVs, and other full-size vehicles. But with the increasing gas price, things are no longer the same, and midsize trucks are welcomed again.

2024 Dodge Dakota Concept
2024 Dodge Dakota Concept

2024 Dodge RAM Dakota

The RAM Dakota was discontinued in 2011. However, when the company decided to revive the nameplate again, they did it because it was more straightforward. Rather than having to start (and build) everything from scratch, it’s better to revive such a big name that people are already familiar with. Moreover, the company also believes that there is always a new market and new target that they can reach out to. And they don’t have to break a sweat excessively to expand their market. Rather than making costly and grandeur marketing approaches, they can always invoke the nostalgic memory to attract (millennial) consumers.

Powertrain and Performance

The upcoming 2024 Dodge Dakota RAM would likely run on a V6 unit with a 3.6 liter capacity with unknown output. In the past, the old Dakota was running on V6 3.7 liter unit, delivering 210 hp. But you could always upgrade it to a V8 team, producing 302 hp. The current V6 unit with a 3.6-liter capacity is the popular powertrain that Stellantis has used for its other productions.

2024 Dodge Dakota Price
2024 Dodge Dakota Price

It remains unclear which powertrain Dakota would use, but rest assured that it would be punchy and responsive. The powertrain would be running together with an auto 8-speed transmission. There is even a possibility that Stellantis may consider using a turbodiesel V6 unit with a 3.0-liter capacity that can churn out 260 hp and 442 Nm of torque.

Exterior Design and Interior Comfort

RAM 700 would likely set the inspiration for the Dakota, but with front headlights and grille from RAM 1500. There is the possibility of another mix for the fenders and doors, highly likely taken from other inspirations. Because the company hasn’t said anything about their upcoming details, we can only imagine what kind of accessories, tires, colors, and specs are expected from them.

For the interior cabin, it’s most likely that RAM 1500 would inspire cabin comfort. It means that the new Dakota would be highly safe and comfortable. After all, RAM 1500 is known for its spacious cabin, which is perfect for people and cargo. Plus, the upcoming Dakota will be packed with modern amenities and technologies, and you can expect improved quality of safe driving features.

2024 Dodge Dakota Specs
2024 Dodge Dakota Specs

Price and Release Date

Although RAM and Stellantis don’t say much about the vehicle’s prices, many predictions have been flying around. The upcoming RAM Dakota will likely start from around $26,000. The higher trim levels may go for more than $32,000, but let’s not forget about the more sophisticated features you can get when you go with the higher trim levels. You get what you are spending, so it’s worth it. To give you a clear idea, the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado starts at around $28,000, and the 2023 Toyota Tacoma is set at about $27,500, so you can see where Dakota stands.

Since information about the vehicle is still scarce, we can only wait for further info. It’s most likely that the 2024 Dodge Dakota will be coming in 2023, probably toward the end, but we need to wait for the company’s official release to be entirely sure about it.